The GAMARAAL Foundation was founded in 2014 with the objective of giving support to the remaining Holocaust survivors.

The GAMARAAL Foundation was founded in 2014 with the objective of giving support to the remaining Holocaust survivors.

According to our records, there are a few hundred holocaust survivors still alive in all parts of Switzerland. From them, 124 are living in a financially difficult situation. In addition, there are an unknown number of survivors who do not want to be registered due to their state of severe post-trauma and some out of extreme fear that “history may be repeated” and prefer not to be identified as Jewish.

All Holocaust survivors have one thing in common: they cannot suppress their feelings and memories of persecution, deportation, selection, hunger, torture, forced labor and the killing of their loved ones. These are traumatic experiences, which despite the many years that have since passed, do not go away – they are part of the living memories of all Holocaust survivors.

According to the Claims Conference 50% of all Holocaust survivors worldwide live in poverty. They often live just on the breadline, with some even below the breadline.

It is heartbreaking to know that they can only afford the absolute necessities for their existence.
The aim of the GAMARAAL Foundation is to help these people by alleviating at least partially their financial burden and distress. This is a humanitarian demand and the least that we can provide.

Anita Winter, herself daughter of Holocaust refugees, is actively committed to human rights. She participates as official representative of the Jewish humanitarian organization B’nai B’rith International and the Coordinating Board of Jewish Organisations CBJO in the discussions of the UN Human Rights Council.

The Gamaraal Foundation has received together with the Archives of Contemporary History at the ETH Zürich the Dr. Kurt Bigler Award 2018 for Excellency in Holocausteducation.

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«Weltweit leben noch ungefähr einige 100 000 Ueberlebende der Shoa. In der Schweiz sind es ungefähr 400, wobei die Dunkelziffer gross ist. Diese Menschen haben Ungeheuerliches durchlitten. Ihr Leid und ihr Schmerz sind nicht heilbar. Die Trauer nicht zu stillen. Die Vergangenheit lässt sich nicht ändern, die Gegenwart schon. Das Schicksal dieser Menschen ist bereits unvorstellbar grausam. Wenigstens heute müssen wir alles daran setzen, diesen letzten Überlebenden einen würdigen Lebensabend zu gewährleisten. Das ist unsere Pflicht und Verantwortung! Ich danke Gamaraal für dieses enorm wichtige Engagement im Dienste der Menschlichkeit.»

Dr.h.c Charlotte Knobloch

Former President of Central Council of Jews in Germany

Holocaust Survivor




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